Released! Full ForkLift 1.0 Review + 10 Free Licenses

ForkLift IconRemember ForkLift? You know, the dual-pane file-manager from BinaryNights? Well, after three betas and one recent interview here, it’s finally ready for prime-time today. The guys from Hungary have finally released their final product, and I was lucky enough to take a look at it today.

Is it a worthy replacement for Finder? Is it worth $29.95? Let’s take a look.

*Editor: if you make it to the end of this post we have a special type of giveaway we are running in conjunction with BinaryNights for 10 free licenses. Enjoy!

Essential Safari Tips & Tricks

Safari iconWhile not every one will agree with this, I think as true Mac enthusiasts we can all agree that surfing with Safari really is the goods. I can remember once nearly spilling my Caramel Machiato as I screeched to a hault to peer at someone’s Powerbook one morning a few years back. “Wait a minute, why is it rendering it like that?”, I must have said.

Once you get over the polished interface and lightning fast render times, users often find themselves struggling to get more usability out of Safari. “Where’s the tabs”, is a common newbie gripe. Lucky for surfers Apple and its independent developers have a healthy supply of addons, tweaks, and plugins to stifle even the most devout Firefox, Opera, or [insert competitive browser here] fan.

iListen Review and Giveaway

Have you ever tried to imagine the future through a child’s eyes? I have, and what I see is a completely automated world where everything is simple, and just works. iListen may just bring us one step closer to that fantasy. iListen translates spoken words to written text. This is great for dictation, school papers, and showing off to your friends.

For the last couple weeks, I have been in taking iListen for a test drive to see what all the noise was about.


iListenA common misconception might be that iListen is only for typing. Actually, there are three “modes” in iListen: Dictation Mode (allows you to talk and it types), Command Mode (tell your computer to do actions), and Spelling Mode (say letters and it spells words out). If you want to switch from one mode to another, all you have to do it say “Switch to Dictation Mode”. If iListen has trouble writing normal letters, you can use the Military Alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc.). The app obviously works best when the user speaks in a normal tone, does not look at the screen while dictating (possibly distracting), and speaks his or her punctuation marks (ex. PERIOD).

iTunes 7.2: The Music Evolves?

itunesOK, so today we received an update from Infinite Loop. iTunes 7.2 and Quicktime 7.1.6.

Not very interesting, I know, but this is the foundation of the evolution of iTunes into a DRM-less store. Yep, we can now purchase so-called ‘iTunes Plus’ content. iTunes Plus content currently consists of EMI Music's entire digital catalog of music, as was announced early in April. It is encoded in 256kbs AAC, but most importantly it is DRM free. One important caveat is that it is also 20¢ more expensive.

SoundSource: Simplify Your Audio Interface

SoundSource IconIf you’ve ever tried your hand at podcasting, you’ve undoubtedly been through your share of frustration with microphones, sound settings, recording applications, and Skype dropped calls. Well I can’t solve all your problems right here, but I think I can help with one.

SoundSource is a freeware app from the great developers at Rogue Amoeba. Quite simply, SoundSource sits on your toolbar at the top right of your screen, and allows you to switch between different audio input and output devices. It may seem unnecessary, but after trying to dig through numerous system preference menus just to switch between your built in mic and usb headset, SoundSource is a welcome simplification of the process. SoundSource is available from Rogue Amoeba for free.

Connect 360: Apple and Microsoft Living in Harmony… sort of.

Connect360 LogoIn my ideal world Apple would have a gaming platform to rival the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Alas, they don’t, so we must look elsewhere. My personal preference is the Xbox 360, an excellent gaming console with rich multimedia capabilities.

When I first got my Xbox 360 back in December of 2005, getting it to communicate with a Mac was impossible. Now we have Connect360 from Nulriver, recently updated to version 3.1. Connect360 is a simple but effective piece of software that allows media connectivity between your 360 and your Mac.

Switch to Witch

Witch IconRecently a friend recommended an application to review called Witch. Witch is a small application that lets users quickly and easily switch between every open file or window on their Mac. You might be wondering why you would need such an application, sinse every Mac now comes with Exposé. This is a common misunderstanding, because Witch makes application switching flawless, while Exposé gives the user an unorganized thumbnail view of all their open applications.

QuickScale: Jenny Craig Your Way to Smaller Images

QuickScale LogoThere are many times in the day where you might find yourself stuck with the task of resizing images. Maybe you’re working on a website, or a blog post. If you need to re-size (or scale) multiple images at a time, that could pose even more of a problem and take up precious time.

Last year, when I was still relatively new to the Mac, I found myself needing a way to scale a handful of images. I had absolutely no idea where to start, or if there was a way to scale images right within OS X. My answer came during MacHeist, when I received the application QuickScale.

Tutorial: Automator Basics

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