Help Get Frenzic on the iPhone!

Frenzic on iPhoneGedeon Maheux, Co-Founder of the Icon Factory, has sent out a plea for your help. The Icon Factory wants to see their hit Mac puzzle game, Frenzic, be available for play on the iPhone. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably heard, Apple is not letting third party developers like the Icon Factory create Cocoa based software for the iPhone. I met Craig Hockenberry also of Icon Factory at WWDC this year and we discussed how awesome Frenzic would be on the iPhone. Think about it! It’s a viciously addictive casual puzzle game┬Łgreat for killing a few minutes before class or on the bus. Frenzic’s user interface would work perfectly with the iPhone’s beautiful multi-touch screen. Finally, Frenzic has an awesome web-based leaderboard where iPhone toting folks everywhere could battle it out with each other and with Mac users for the title of best Frenzic player in the world. To me this sounds like a wicked combination… “A Match Made In Geek Heaven“.

Picnic: More Than Just Bonjour

Picnic LogoMany Mac users are aware of Bonjour, Apple’s networking technology. Bonjour is a simple utility integrated into OS X which allows for “zero-configuration” networking; very useful for sharing files over a network. Picnic is a utility which simplifies, encapsulates and even enhances this feature into a very polished interface. The app allows you to create shared folders which are then synced between both yourself, and the specified folder on another Mac.

The Second-Best Way To Find Great Mac Apps (After MacApper!)

MacUpdate LogoQuick, what is the best way to find great software for your Mac?

MacApper, of course. But if you’ve read every article we’ve got and your insane thirst for insanely great software has not yet been quenched, where do you turn? The answer lies in your menu bar, thanks to a great little piece of software called MUMenu.

The Wonderful World of Widgets: Google Reader Notifier

Google Reader PicI’ve been horribly addicted to my RSS feeds and news feeds for years. As far as RSS readers are concerned, I’ve tried a lot of them – I’ve used NetNewsWire, NewsFire, Vienna and a bunch of other obscure ones that I can’t even remember. Most recently though, I’ve been using Google Reader, a web-based service.

Google Reader is a free RSS aggregator web app that integrates with your personalized iGoogle home page, and can be accessed from essentially any computer or phone with an internet connection and a web browser. This makes it pretty handy, though it can be annoying to have to open a browser window to check your feeds – it’s an obtrusive step away from the Mac desktop-app experience.

Delicious Generation Party Video I

Delicious Generation Party II hinted at this during our recent MacApper podcast, and I am super stoked we are able to share this with everyone. This was put together on short notice in collaboration with some of the staff here at MacApper. The following video was recorded during the first ever Delicious Generation Party which was held June 13th in San Francisco. Attending the party were most of the developers from WWDC, and there is lots of impromptu and casual chats with the clever people who bring us all of our favorite apps and programs. This video is part I and during the week we will reveal two more.

Tip: Start iPhone Development with iPhoney

iPhone IconJust a couple weeks ago at WWDC, many of us were expecting Apple to release a full iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) for all the developers to get in on the action. To our surprise, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone would not support development of native applications. Instead, using its full-fledged Safari browser, iPhone “apps” would essentially be styled web applications. While inherently disappointing, this fact enables developers to quickly jump on the bandwagon with little else needed.

Little Snitch: Keep Apps In Line

Little Snitch LogoWhile Mac OS X does provide a firewall, it is not rules based so it does not allow as fine control over who and what accesses your network connection. Little Snitch from Objective Development does just this – it adds rule based protection for your Mac. As a rules based firewall, Little Snitch is not a replacement for the OSX firewall, it just provides program level (instead of IP and port level) control over your outgoing network traffic.

Put Some Hey! In Your Folders

Hey Folders! LogoOS X has a secret weapon that is little known to its users called labels. It allows you to highlight a file or folder name with color by selecting that item and right-clicking, control-clicking, or going to the File menu and selecting a label color.

My desktop is usually overflowing with so much junk that the small highlighted names are rendered useless against my poor eyes. That’s where Hey Folders! comes in. This nifty little application highlights not only the name, but the folder itself, making it way easier to find my stuff. Just look at my desktop right now:

Undercover: Like LoJack For Your Mac

The Undercover LogoUndercover, by Orbicule, is an ‘app’ which would certainly help if the unthinkable happened: your beloved Mac gets stolen. Once installed, you will never hear from Undercover again. It does nothing, it doesn’t interrupt with anything and its processes don’t show. This isn’t what you may have expected, but it’s the way Orbicule plans to retrieve your Mac in a very ‘Think Different’ fashion.

Firstly, you do have to start the recovery process, either by calling them up, or mailing them, or by filling in a form on their website. They start out by attempting to log the current IP address, as well as other network information to precisely pin-point the location of your Mac; screenshots are also taken if you’ve got an integrated iSight. Here’s a real shot of a thief using it:

iTunes on the Desktop: Oh The Things We Can Do

CoverSutraOver recent years, iTunes has become more and more popular, becoming one of the most used apps on any Mac. Because of this, there are literally thousands of plug-ins and enhancements. Today, I’m going to take you through the best ways to control your music from the desktop. There are many apps for this, but I’m going to focus on two for this review: GimmeSomeTune and CoverSutra.

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