Vendetta Online: A Refreshing Online Game

VO LogoMany people don’t like multiplayer online games because there are usually too many users who do nothing but swear to kill you. When playing games like that, you often can’t rely on other players for help. Fortunately, there’s an MORPG named Vendetta Online (VO for short) that is the opposite. It has a friendly, welcoming community, amazing graphics, and does well to keep the geekiness at a very low level.

VO is an online multiplayer game that takes place in space 2400 years in the future. It’s cross-platform, letting Mac, Windows, and Linux players join in. Once you download or buy the game, you create an account online with a username and password that lets you access most of the VO website (the forums, account options, active players, etc). When you start the game, you get the chance to create a character and choose one of three nations: Itani, Serco, or UIT.

VO Shot 1

Itani and Serco are enemies, while UIT is neutral. The game revolves around missions, where you play an independent trader who’s trying to accomplish tasks and earn rewards like credits and level upgrades. As your credits and levels increase, you gain access to better ships, more powerful energy cells, more destructive weapons, and more missions. The game is fun, exciting, and interesting.

Unlike other MORPGs, the community is welcoming and eager to help new players. If you have a question, it’ll be answered quickly. It’s very easy to make friends, even with people of opposing nations. The in-game chat is full of engaging discussions, and is not something you should try to avoid. Unfortunately, it’s not a very popular game at the moment and there are often not more than 40 players logged in.

Because its online, the developers are still working hard on fixing bugs and upgrading the game engine. Updates are usually released weekly, and are distributed via the auto-updater that runs when you first launch the game.

VO Shot 2

It may seem like there’s no real incentive to complete missions, since the only reason for doing so would be to get better missions. However, the community is here to help. Each day, there’s almost always a player-run competition or nation battle taking place somewhere in the VO universe. An example is “tube racing”, where players must try to fly their ship through small tubes. Every so often, developers test capital ships (huge ships with dozens of gun turrets), letting players dock with their nation’s ship and fire at each other for fun.

Unfortunately, after the eight-hour trial, you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month to continue using it. Download Vendetta Online and give it a shot. The storyline, community, and graphics certainly blow a lot of other online games out of the water.


10 Responses to “Vendetta Online: A Refreshing Online Game”

  1. ErichD on July 4th, 2007 3:33 am

    Tried this one out… wish there a longer free period — It was fun, but i don’t know if it’s $10/month fun to me personally.

    Instead, for the MMORG fix, I’v eturned to Dofus and to Minions of Mirth — two different flavors where the commnities are indeed extremely helpful.

    But, yes, if WIng Commander and X-Wing are your style of game, definitely check out VO!

  2. Jens Bonk on July 4th, 2007 8:43 am

    I just started playing EVE Online via CrossOver a couple of months ago, another really good Space MMO that seems to be the exact opposite of VO. You will get killed in EVE, all the time. That’s an aspect I actually like, it is VERY realistic. It does get frustrating on the other hand, so I will give this game a spin…

  3. scot on November 18th, 2009 8:46 pm

    You will get killed plenty in VO if you stray too deep into the pirate sectors :)

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