Wakoopa: The Application-based Social Network

Wakoopa LogoHere at MacApper we are obsessed with applications, no matter how complicated or simple they are. So when I spotted Wakoopa, a social network based on applications, it sure seemed perfect for the MacApper crowd.

Never heard of Wakoopa? Think of Wakoopa as Last.fm, but based on applications instead of music. To use Wakoopa, sign up and download the Wakoopa Tracker and every application you use from now on is sent to your profile. This is where Wakoopa shines.

The data is used for finding friends and recommending new applications. It’s how I learned about Transmit, my new favorite FTP client. Applications that you’ve used can also be reviewed and if an update is available, Wakoopa will tell you about it.

The ability to create “teams” works like Facebook groups; it puts all the team members’ stats together. The front page of every team shows recently used apps, how long each application has been used for, people in the team, and a tag cloud. The most popular application on Wakoopa is unsurprisingly Firefox, followed by Internet Explorer.

Wakoopa Screenshot

The site is nimble and well organized, but could certainly use some color. The scrolling software bar is cool and would make a great embeddable widget on a blog (like MacApper) or profile page. A Facebook application is available as well as badges, but the badges aren’t very special.

With more traffic, Wakoopa will easily be acquired. The stats they have would be an asset to software makers and large Internet companies (ie Google). I wouldn’t be surprised if Wakoopa is already selling the statistics, there isn’t a single advertisement on the site. Privacy might become an issue, but Wakoopa is completely voluntary, unlike spyware (found on Windows machines). You can easily uninstall it if needed.

Wakoopa is a niche social network that, at the moment, is lacking on its features. However, it’s becoming a very innovative social network. Wakoopa is the perfect social network for lazy, application loving people because the Wakoopa Tracker does it for you. The Wakoopa tracker software is Mac/Windows compatible and is free to use.

Join the MacApper Wakoopa team here.


6 Responses to “Wakoopa: The Application-based Social Network”

  1. Steven Cats on August 14th, 2007 4:59 pm

    I heard about this on Net@Nite a few weeks ago.

  2. Chris24 on August 24th, 2007 2:21 am

    Wakoopa is kind of a neat idea, but when I used it awhile back, it wasn’t working quite right. It wasn’t recording my stats correctly. I use Safari more than it says I do. It might have improved by now, afterall, I tried it as soon as they came out with a Mac version.

  3. Loren Morris on August 24th, 2007 2:25 am

    I actually had similar issues a while back. Wakoopa has fixed many of them, but there are times where stats are incorrect or it just stops tracking my apps. I guess it will take some time before all the kinks are gone.

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