Poll: Which Browser Are You?

Which Browser?There is a large number of browsers available for OS X; considerably more than for Windows or any other platform. Which, obviously, is a good thing! Depending on your needs however, any of these browsers could be the best one in your mind. What follows is a rough breakdown of 7 browsers for OS X with a quick note outlining their base appeal, along with some pros and cons for each.

Right after the quick breakdowns is a poll asking you to select which browser you prefer. I’m really looking forward to hearing your preferences and opinions, so here we go…

Tip: Enhance QuickLook with Plugins

QuickLook Plugins LogoI’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite new features that was introduced with Leopard is QuickLook. This oft-forgotten feature allows you to preview files without ever having to open up an application, and it’s only a space bar click away.

Now, a team in Japan has released what appears to be the first external plug-ins for QuickLook, and they really add some awesome functionality to this already useful new tool. So in this article I will take you through the installation of a nifty Quicklook enhancement, that I really found helpful.

Tip: Beware of Hacker Supplied Wifi

Having access to Wifi in coffee shops, book stores, airports, hotels and countless other places is wonderful. It allows for you to get out of the house and truly use that portable laptop computer to the full extent of its name.

This handy feature doesn’t come without its downfalls though, as I found out this morning. I was sitting in a coffee shop that will remain nameless, to protect it’s image. Because this has nothing at all to do with the coffee shop, it just happens to be this establishment that had been chosen as a hacker’s hotspot trap.

Rage MapDesign: Full Review and Giveaway

Image maps. We have all seen them dotted around the net. If you are a Facebook user you will be more than familiar with “tagging people in photos. That is a particularly clever form of image mapping.

Essentially image mapping is adding different links to different parts of an image that you select, which link to something relevant. For example, if there is a particular building in an image you could make it so when someone clicks it, it takes the user to the building's website.

ies4osx: Run Internet Explorer 5/6/7 Natively in OS X

ies4osxWithout using Parallels, Crossover or Bootcamp, or even having a Windows Partition! Today we’ll be using Wine to emulate Windows and run all version of Internet Exlorer, which will make for a much lighter overall system footprint. It will also integrate perfectly into OS X.

I get asked this one a lot by web developers so I thought I would throw this up here for posterity. Not everyone wants to taint their Mac by running full blown Windows on it (am I right?), but if you’re a web developer it’s pretty critical that you build pages that render properly in Internet Explorer. If you have done this type of work on *nix you might remember using a great tool named ies4linux. Well you guessed it, ies4osx was recently ported to the Mac by Mike Kronenberg.

CandyBar 3 Released: Now With Pixadex Goodness

Long-awaited CandyBar 3 has just been released by Panic. Not only does this version bring Leopard support, but it also adds a lot of new features to the application.

For example, you can now customize the Dock. Another big move is that since Pixadex (a software to manage your icons) and Candybar are merged, you can more functionality in a single application.

CandyBar is an application that lets you customize your system icons like the folders, the trash, the drives… Pixadex was an application to organize and browse your icon library. By fusing both applications together, you can not only customize your icons, but also manage them in the same application, which is very handy. In the process of merging those two great apps, Panic Inc decided to change its user interface.

ShoveBox: The Clutter-Catcher For Your Mac

shovebox iconAt school, when I simply don’t have time to look over that test, I throw it in my desk. After a while, this becomes a big mess and clutter. With ShoveBox, you can do the same on your computer, but in an organized, easy and effective way. Shovebox is an organzier for almost anything you want to keep track of but just can’t look at right now.

ShoveBox Screenshot

Woops I did it Again

Wooops!Hurray to John for revealing this just now. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Phill Ryu of Macheist and asked if I was interested in helping him promote MacheistII. Phill said that a series of blogs we’re going to be hacked in jest, and following this the Macheist site itself would succumb and MacheistII would be revealed to everyone. The entire ploy sounded harmless, incredibly inventive, and a lot of fun, so I jumped at the chance to help out.

Parallels Tip: Relocate Your Windows Taskbar

Since the introduction of Leopard’s new 3D dock, one of my major quirks with the new design is how windows behaves when they are brought close to it. No longer are the days when you can just drag a window and have it stop at that distinctive line that cuts off the dock from the rest of the desktop.

One application that illustrates this quirky display issue is Parallels, especially when in its incredibly handy “Coherence” mode. But having the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen mixed with a 3D dock doesn’t make for an exactly pleasurable experience.

MoreiChatEffects: Upgrade Your iChat/PhotoBooth Experience

Leopard has been out for just about a month now, and of course, its no longer got that ‘new’ factor. So, you can now breathe some life into your video chats and mug-shots by adding ‘MoreiChatEffects’.

Like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin. You get 24 effects, including some that were previewed at WWDC, but never made the final cut into 10.5.

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