Snitter: Snook’s Twitter

IconTwitter, the micro-blogging service, has really taken off since its inception in July of 2006. Users can tell the world what they’re up to at every moment of their day via text messaging, Twitter’s web interface, or through desktop clients. Given that most Twitter users are in fact geeks (readers, be proud!) and spend most of their time at their computers, desktop clients are the most popular. For us Mac users, Twitterific, from IconFactory, has long dominated this market.

iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Imminent: Breaks Unlock, Activation & Installer

hack iPhoneI’m sure by now everyone with an iPhone has seen and is equally excited about the latest firmware update for Apple’s iconic shiny phone. When videos of the update running on a live phone surfaced (hat tip TUAW) this weekend I was a bit skeptical, but it appears this update is legit. Killer new features will include: saving pinned locations in Google Maps, location triangulation via cell tower location (wow!), movable springboard icons, and multiple recipient SMSing.

Adium Beta 1.2: Final Release Coming Soon

AdiumI’m a bit late with this one but I noticed the guys over at Adium released the latest beta of their popular multi-client chat software over Christmas. Since the 25th there have been a few more bug releases, and according to Evan Schoenberg a final release “…shouldn’t be too far off.” New features include: an improved group chat interface, Bonjour support, XMPP support, reworked Applescript support, and a plethora of interface enhancements and bug fixes.

Wallet 2.7 Released

LogoYesterday, Waterfall Software released version 2.7 of Wallet, their well known private data manager. Wallet allows you to manage all your passwords, applications’ serial numbers, and other important data. All of your information is well protected with a 448-bit Blowfish encryption. This new version adds better Leopard integration and some cool new features such has Global Search.

The new user interface now matches Leopard’s look. It also fixes the graphical bugs that were present with the last version when running on Leopard.

TextExpander Giveaway Winners

logoLast week we ran a video review and giveaway for TextExpander, a really great application that lets you choose certain phrases that will automatically expand into phrases of your choice.

The good people at SmileOnMyMac have generously given us two licenses of TextExpander to give away to two lucky readers. Thanks to everyone for the great responses (you made the developer smile).

But there are only two giveaway winners, so without further ado, the winners are: Bomar, and E.T. Cook.

Your licenses will be arriving shortly. Enjoy the software, and be sure to stay tuned to the MacApper RSS feed for any future giveaways.

Application Switcher Menu: Classic Application Switching

IconDo you remember the days of a spatial Finder? Did you bemoan the loss of Clarus the dogcow? Cry when Apple removed all traces of pinstripes in Leopard? Well then, allow me to introduce you to Application Switcher Menu (henceforth referred to as ASM) from developer Frank Vercruesse.

ASM includes more tools than you might assume from the vanilla name, but the main draw of the application is that it brings the functionality of the classic Mac OS application switcher to OS X. “Classic Mac OS users might remember switching between applications through a menu bar icon. ASM brings that back.

Mailplane: Gmail on your Desktop

LogoAlthough Apple’s seems to be a big selling point for Leopard, I’ve never really been fully sold on computer-based e-mail clients. There are just so many good online options that offer more storage, more features, and to me, a greater ease of use. I’m a big fan of Gmail, Google’s excellent free e-mail service, however, using Gmail through seems to me a little clunky and not as smooth as I’d like it to be.

Happy Holidays!

Light BloggingI sure hope everyone is having a great holiday season this year. Now might be a good time to get offline, visit some people who need cheering, or just spend some time with the family. You can always bring your Mac along, or maybe buy one for someone you care about.

I decided to hit Koh Tao, this year, a really great island in southern Thailand, until the end of this month. I know some of the other guys are tied up with family, vacations, and other merry making. I can’t speak for all of the writers here but I would expect blogging here at MacApper to slow down until the holidays are over, as we all can use a well deserved break.

Tangerine! Review and Giveaway

LogoIf you’ve bought into the Apple way of things you are probably using iTunes to sort and organize your music library. With thousands of songs in our libraries, it is easy for songs to get forgotten and ignored. With all these songs to choose from, it is difficult and tedious to make playlists to suit your mood. Tangerine! creates intelligent playlists out of your music and helps you discover new music.

Fluid: Bring Web Apps to your Desktop

IconIf you’re the type of person who works with certain web apps constantly, Fluid is just for you. Fluid allows you to create an application for any web app, raising your level of productivity, lowering you RAM usage, and much more! Fluid is a great way to create a web app on your desktop without writing a line of code. While you may think running a web app as an application might use more RAM, I found the opposite to be true. Since I find myself hanging around Facebook quite a bit, I created an app for it. With Facebook open in Safari with one tab open and no plugins used, I was using 63.07 MB of real memory. With the Fluid create app, only 35.12 MBs of real memory was utilized.

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