Easily Spice Up Stacks with Stacks In Da Place

A while back, a set of “drawers” icons spread like wildfire across the internet. The icons, which were meant to make stacks in Leopard’s dock more attractive, looked pretty nifty, but getting them to work properly involved Terminal use and some other tinkering. However, with “Stacks in Da Place” from MacXeagle, getting your stacks looking nice and organized is even easier.

Upon opening, Stacks In Da Place automatically detects your currently set up stacks and shows you the default icon. Adding an icon (such as one of the various “Drawer” icons) is as simple as dragging and dropping. (You can find the “Drawers” here)

Freeware Friday: Anti-Productivity Edition

FreewareWe have been talking at MacApper for the past few weeks about different weekly “specials we could do, and one of the ideas that was brought up was a weekly freeware post. This has now evolved into “Freeware Friday, where every Friday either I or another MacApper contributor will put together a roundup of a few little freeware apps we have been playing around with the past week.

Today, I have put together a list of 4 little applications that will help to kill your productivity (like you even need help with that, right?). They have no productive value, but definitely can get addicting, or are great when you have a little time to kill.

DVD Remaster Pro: Quickly Re-compress your DVD Collection

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