Xyle Scope Review: A Taste of the Real Web

Xyle scope.pngMany of us learn by seeing. That’s how we all learned how to talk and even read. Many programming books do this nowadays: they show you example code, and you can usually understand what is going on. This was the idea Cultured Code had when creating Xyle scope, because this is exactly what it does: it allows you to learn CSS by seeing it.

World of Goo Review: A Fun and Unique Game

World of Goo.pngThe most common misconception of the Mac is that there is a major lack of games. That may have been true a while ago, but not anymore. Nowadays, most developers release Mac and Windows versions of their games, and sometimes there are Mac-only games. Today we are going to talk about a game called World of Goo.

World of Goo is not only available for the Mac and PC, it is also available for the Wii. I will only be talking about the Mac version, but the other versions cannot be much different, so most of what I say will apply all around.

Snow Report Apps Showdown

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