Wallet 3 Review: Your Digital Wallet

Wallet 3.0




Acrylic Apps
- Great Safari/Menubar Integration
- Amazing iPhone-Like Interface
- Cheap!
- Few minor data entry bugs

Wallet 1.pngA while back we had an interview with Dustin MacDonald, the owner of Acrylic Apps. We found out about his Mac app called Wallet. Wallet makes keeping track of things like serial numbers and Internet passwords easy. I’m very excited to say that Wallet has just had a massive 3.0 update and they have just released the iPhone Version of Wallet.

Wallet fits its name because it is your digital wallet. You have different groups (like sections in a wallet) where you can store serial numbers, web passwords, credit cards or anything else you want. To create a new set of items (like a database), just hit the [+] button at the bottom-left-hand corner of the main window. You will be prompted with a window where you can customize all aspects of the group. To change the icon of the group, just click on the default folder icon in the upper-left-hand corner and wither choose a pre-made icon or choose a custom icon (by clicking Choose Custom…). The fields are for the basic information you want for the group. If you are keeping track of expenses, you can have fields like Date, Amount and Tax. You can also have multiple sections of fields. To create a new section, click on the Add Field button under the New Section box. If you want to add an AutoFill in Safari for members of the group, just click the Enable AutoFill checkbox, and drag the Website URL, Username and Password icons to their subsequent fields that you created. I must say, I really like the look of this panel because it uses an iPhone like interface. The fields look like table view cells on the iPhone; even the [-] buttons and draggers look alike!

Picture 1.png

In each item of each group you can enter as many or as few of the fields for that group. You can even add special fields just for that item. To do this, just click the Add Field button under the fields in the item. The titles of there groups will be in bold blue so you can tell that they are special fields. You can also add notes to any item (no need to specify another field) just by editing the Notes section of the item. Along with notes there is also an icon field included by default. Here you can specify an icon for a specific item. And what’s better, when you type in the name of an application you have installed into the name field, Wallet will put its icon in this field! To edit an item just click the pencil icon at the bottom of the window. In editing mode, you can flag (or star) an item just by clicking on the big star next to the name field. Starred items will not appear in the list where they should (alphabetically) but they will always appear at the top. You need not be in edit mode to edit the notes of an item though. When not in editing mode, if you click on a field, Wallet will copy the contents to your clipboard and show any awesome animation! Wallet 3.0 makes is easier than ever to create information and access it!

Picture 3 1.png

The best new feature in version 3.0 would have to be MobileMe syncing. When you first launch Wallet, during the setup, you will be asked if you want to enable MobileMe syncing. All you have to do is enter your MobileMe username and password, and you are set. To change when to sync automatically, just go to the Sync pane of Wallet>Preferences… and edit the checkboxes in the Always Sync Before section. You can also always manually sync to MobileMe just by clicking on the Cloud toolbar button in the main window of Wallet. To disable MobileMe syncing, just uncheck the Enable MobileMe Sync checkbox. Not only does syncing allow you to have the same items on all of your Macs, it allows for the iPhone Wallet application to be up-to-date too.

Picture 4.png

Another new feature added in version 3.0 is the AutoFill menubar item. Wallet has added a menubar item (that is always running, even when Wallet is not) that allows you to fill stored forms for Websites. To enable this, just go to the AutoFill pane of Wallet>Preferences… and check the Enable menubar app checkbox. You will now see a nice little icon (that looks like a wallet) sitting in your menubar. When you want to fill a form, just click this item and enter your Master Password in the field shown. If Wallet finds a stored form it will AutoFill it, and if not, it will tell you so. Instead of having to open Wallet and find the form and AutoFill if from there, you can do it in just one click! Wallet is now just as easy to use as 1Password.

Picture 1.png

Wallet, by Acrylic Apps retails for only $20 and you can upgrade from version 2 for just $5 and get a free trial! They also have an iPhone app that is only $3.99! Version 3 is a great upgrade to an already great app! If you like organizing any information with ease, then you have to try out Wallet today!


16 Responses to “Wallet 3 Review: Your Digital Wallet”

  1. Hugh Bien on December 2nd, 2008 7:29 pm

    Just a note that the price is in Canadian dollars. If most of your readers are in the US, that’s currently ~ $16 for a new license.

    I’m currently using Wallet and am really enjoying the simplicity and security.

  2. flec65 on December 3rd, 2008 12:27 am

    The developper has done a great job with this new version. The UI is pretty slick and the new features are very welcome and quite handy. All my gripes with the previous version are things of the past, it’s now a joy to use again. In these conditions, $5 for the upgrade is a no brainer…

  3. Fyre Vortex on December 3rd, 2008 8:06 am

    Awesome. Seems quite cool. My friend told me about a serial keeper called License Keeper (For Mac). It isn’t as good as this though, since this has extra features (Such as inserting passwords into the web browser).

  4. Fyre Vortex on December 3rd, 2008 8:07 am

    Looking back on the interface side, it seems quite similar to 1Password on the iPod Touch/iPhone.

  5. Stuart on December 4th, 2008 12:16 pm

    Have been using a Macheist copy for sometime now. I updgraded yesterday for 5 bucks and love the new features. Especially like the syncing with Mobile Me.

  6. Jason on December 9th, 2008 3:35 pm

    is anyone having problems trying to sync Wallet (both local MAC version and iPhone version) to your MobileMe account? I cannot get either to sync….

  7. misspomme on January 16th, 2009 3:48 am

    I have sync mobile me and works great!

  8. michael on February 17th, 2009 6:34 am

    I have wallet on my Iphone and turned sync to mobileme on. However when logging in to my me account on the web I don’t see a wallet folder anywhere ? Anybody got some advice :) ?

  9. Thoennes on March 13th, 2009 12:46 pm

    Syncing Wallet to MobileMe [replacing content on MobileMe with content from Mac] displays animation of syncing but never ends. Wireless sync to iPhone worked.Should I delete the wallet prefs on the Mac? Can’t seem to find the wallet content in the “cloud” and have tried MobileMe name (only) with password, name with “@mobileme.com” and password. Seamless syncing with mobileme from computer to MobileMe to iPhone in any direction would be nice. It’s a little bit of a struggle at this point, although I love and cannot live without the app. I have several backups of the database in several locations, including a printed hardcopy. Any suggestions on how to fix the MobileMe/Mac sync would be greatly appreciated!

  10. MacOCD on May 9th, 2010 6:01 pm

    Here we are over a year after Thoennes’s comment and I’m also having severe syncing problem over MobileMe, This app is excellent but the broken sync feature is of concern as typically this app would be used to store important information.

    I’m also having trouble with the “Export Wallet Database” backup option, as I have some app licence keyfiles among the entries exporting as a CSV is not sufficient.

    Manually syncing to iPhone over Wifi does work but isn’t an ideal solution.

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