Download LED Football FREE this Superbowl Weekend

ledfootballfreeGetting ready for the big game this Sunday night? There’s no better way to pass the time before the festivities than showing off your slick new iPhone and it’s Mattel-like awesomeness. Wait — Mattel-like?

Developer TouchGrove has made LED Football, an iPhone app heavily influenced by the Mattel LED games of old, available as a free download this Superbowl weekend. The deal ends on February 2, 2009, at which point it will likely return to it’s original price of $0.99.

If you enjoy LED Football, make sure to check out TouchGrove’s other LED titles LED Football 2 and LED Basketball, available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99 each.

Slacker Personal Radio Review: Create Your Own Radio Stations on Your iPhone

slacker logo

One of the long-standing iPod rumors has been a model that included an FM tuner. Some people still can’t believe Apple never included that “simple” feature. Now, with the iPhone/iPod Touch being able to stream music from the Internet, I think it’s safe to say there will never be an iPod with a terrestrial radio. And using an app like Slacker Personal Radio, you wonder why anyone would still want one.

There are several streaming music players in the App Store, with Pandora being the most popular. Slacker is very similar to Pandora — choose an artist or song, and Slacker builds a radio station with similar music. There are also several pre-built genre stations to choose from. Slacker doesn’t seem to use the “musical fingerprinting” that Pandora does. Instead, it appears to be based on the genre of the artists. Still, it manages to put together a good playlist.

Peggle Officially Coming to iPhone

peggleiconWhile Apple had teased an iPhone version of Peggle back in early 2008, no real confirmation had ever come forth from Peggle’s publisher, PopCap Games. That all changed late last week when a PopCap employee let some news that may not have been ready for publication.

IGF Mobile Finalists Announced

igflogoWhile iPhone gaming is in it’s infancy, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken the world by storm.  The 2nd Annual Independent Games Festival has just announced it’s nominations for this year’s awards for excellence in mobile gaming, and far and away iPhone games make up an overwhelming majority of nominations.  Of the five nominations for mobile game of the year, three are iPhone exclusives. 

Tutorial: Mac Internet Sharing (with Xbox 360)

xboxA very hidden and somewhat unused feature of Mac OS X is the internet sharing application which can be found in System Preferences > Sharing > Internet Sharing.  This feature is very basic and easy to setup but it allows you to share the incoming internet connection on your Mac with other computers in your vicinity.  You can even turn your Mac into a wireless hub using this feature.  We’ll help show you how to set this up properly in this guide, along with a step by step tutorial of how to use your Mac’s internet connection in order to get your Xbox 360 online without having to purchase a wireless adapter.

Monster Typer Review: Mavis Beacon Teaches Monster Hunting!

monstertyperlogoLearning to type on a new platform can be somthing of a chore. How many of us can truly say we’ve mastered the touch screen keypad on the iPhone and iPod Touch yet? Those of us that are all thumbs now have an edutainment style savior in Monster Typer, the debut iPhone app from Clock Studios. Monster Typer takes all the fun of classic “learn to type” games like Typing of the Dead and puts it in your pocket.

Img2icns Review and Video: Making Icons Can’t Be Easier

img2icnsThe Mac platform is dominated by icons. There are icons on your dock, icons depicting your file types, even icons in your menubar. A long time ago there used to be an app called Pic2Icon from Sugar Cube Software. This app (now discontinued) allowed you to turn your images into icons that you could copy onto your folders and files. Ever since its long departure from the Mac app world, I have been searching for the perfect app that allows you to create icons from your images. I couldn’t be happier to say that I have found this app! Introducing Img2icns:

2.2.1 Firmware released for iPhone and iPod Touch

While not a major update, Apple released version 2.2.1 of their iPhone and iPod Touch firmware today. Fixes include improved stability in Safari, saved images from Mail displaying correctly in Saved Photos, and the skipping of some Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio files during playback.

Things Review: Getting Things Done With Style

things1The Mac platform is no stranger to applications that handle your To-Do lists.  Apps like iCal and Mail “which ship with every Mac” come with built in To-Do list features.  A common misconception is that using these types of To-Do lists are the easiest way to go, however there is a much more useful way to organize your life and Get Things Done.  Introducing Things: A way of getting your stuff done with style.

FlightTrack Review: See Flights in Midair

FlightTrack.pngTravel is something we do whether we like to or not. The issue is not the traveling itself, but organizing it. There are many great websites for making itineraries and other plans, but these leave out one major part: the flight. When you’re on your way to the airport when it’s snowing, you want to know if your flight will be canceled, delayed, or on time. You also may want to know if there’s an earlier flight you could possibly get on. Well, this is where FlightTrack comes in.

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