GPush Review: Bringing Gmail Notification to the iPhone





Tiverias Apps
- instant notification of new emails
- links you to your gmail inbox
- keeps my email OCD in check
- doesn't support multiple accounts
- No support for Yahoo, Hotmail, etc..
- doesn't link directly to mail app

GpushIcon_128x128E-mail addiction is a hard habit to shake.  I get more than a hundred emails every day.  We’re not talking spam here — we’re talking legitimate e-mails that demand my attention.  My inbox is so full, it has it’s own inbox.  Given the circumstances, it’s fairly easy to see how I’ve become a compulsive email checker.  Watching TV.  Writing.  Sitting at a red light.  No matter what the activity, I couldn’t go more than five minutes without checking my inbox.  …and then there was GPush.

GPush is the first app for the iPhone that will send you a push notification any time you get a new message in your Gmail inbox.  It’s a fairly simple app that tackles a fairly simple problem, and it works.  After a simple username and password set up, you’ll receive a push notification whenever a new message pops into your Gmail account.  The push notification is similar to any text message you might receive.

One of our earlier complaints about the app, and one which we intended to focus on here was the inability to access your new mail directly from the notification.  This was addressed in a recently released update to the app, and we couldn’t be happier.  Now when you receive a new push, whether you’re in a application or not, you’ll be given the option to view the email or close the push notification.  If you choose to view the email you’ll be kicked out of your current application and taken to GPush.  Once there, GPush will take you to the new Gmail tab where it loads up a mobile-friendly version of your Gmail inbox that’s identical to the one seen in the Google Mobile App.


This new view feature is a great addition and well appreciated, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without flaws.  Clicking view only brings you to your inbox, not the email itself.  For folks like myself who much prefer using the iPhone’s built-in Mail app, having to use the web-based Gmail mobile feels a little too slow and clunky.  And the view option doesn’t work in every circumstance — if your device receives a push notification in standby you won’t have the option to view or close.  Instead sometimes you’ll be forced to open GPush the next time you unlock your device, and sometimes you won’t.  It’s flaky and inconsistent from the standby state, which is a fairly significant stumbling block when it comes to using the feature properly.

There are other annoyances with the app as well.  Many folks have multiple Gmail addresses for business, personal, etc.. but GPush only allows for one account.  And speaking of Gmail, why only the one client?  Sure Gmail is the biggest freemail provider out there, but does that mean users of Yahoo, Hotmail and Live need to be left out in the cold?  Or how about server based emails?  I happen to use several addresses, both Gmail and otherwise, and would have been delighted to have an app that could cater to all my push notification needs.

Despite our nitpicky complaints, GPush sets out with one thing in mind and it does that one thing incredibly well — it keeps me from bringing up my inbox every 5 minutes.  If it can accomplish that, it can probably accomplish anything.

GPush is available from Tiverias Apps on the iTunes AppStore for $1.99.


6 Responses to “GPush Review: Bringing Gmail Notification to the iPhone”

  1. ncus on September 28th, 2009 7:51 am

    Gmail already support push using GoogleSync.

  2. graham r on September 28th, 2009 8:37 am

    ncus, true that it does, but it also uses exchange to do so. using gpush uses less battery life then maintaining the exchange connection and (more importantly) works for those of us who use our one and only exchange connection for … well.. an exchange server ;)

    gpush works wonders for those of us who have a work exchange account and personal gmail!

  3. snio on November 1st, 2009 9:32 pm

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  4. MobiStealth on October 7th, 2010 6:23 am

    GPush stopped working for me a couple of days ago. Is anyone else having this problem? Suggestion on how to resolve it?

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