Jobs, A Powerful Billable Time Tracker for the iPhone



$1.99 (normally ($3.99)


- Very easy to use
- Backing up and exporting to Excel spread sheets is a plus
- Exporting sends an email from a Bjango server
- No option to email invoice to clients


Jobs is a very unique iPhone app used to track billable time, clients, client jobs, and invoiced jobs. This app was created by Bjango, and sells on the App Store for $3.99 normally, but is on sale for $1.99. It is very easy to use and is very straightforward. It stores all jobs the user has done within the app and sorts it by month. It shows all active jobs, and can run multiple jobs at the same time.


Each job is tap able, which shows how much each job is being billed out as, how much time the job took, whether the client was invoiced, and it has the option to export the job. Exporting the job will email the job information to a specified email address. When exporting the job there is the option to email in standard text so it will show up in an email, or CSV format which makes it easy to import into applications like excel.

jobs 2

When it comes to time tracking there are a few additional options such as rounding, it will round the bill to the nearest hour, 15 minutes, or whatever the user desires. A default flag-fall can also be added, which starts the timer at an initial fee to the client and adds the time billed on to that. Adding clients is very simple; the clients can even be linked to the contacts within the iPhone. Also tapping on each client shows an each overview for the client, including all of the jobs done for the client.


This app also backs up to the iPhone, when the iPhone is synced with iTunes it stores a back up within that back up. It also has the option to back up to a computer, which is done via email, and restoring is done just the same way. The only problems with this app is the lack of invoicing, there is no way to invoice a client, also when exporting it emails from a Bjango server, it doesnt send from the users email, however this app is perfect for client tracking. It is perfect for an individual contractor or consultant, or someone who is in charge of tracking multiple people out on billable jobs.


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