Senuti: From iPod to iTunes

Senuti IconEver wanted to grab some songs off a friends iPod and put them onto your computer? Apple makes this difficult, by renaming all the files in the music folder of your iPod and placing them in obscure sub-directories (blame the record companies). This is where Senuti comes into play. Despite the odd name (iTunes spelled backwards), it's a very useful little app.

Senuti displays the contents of your iPod in an iTunes-esque interface, showing your playlists and your iPod library. It then gives you the option to either export the songs of your choice from your iPod to a folder on the computer, or directly into the iTunes library. Senuti will also detect duplicate songs if you already have them in the iTunes library and either skip the track, rename it, or overwrite it.

Perian: Your Video Playback Swiss Army Knife

Perian LogoBy default, QuickTime (and other apps like Front Row and iMovie that use its underlying technology) doesn’t support many video formats. In particular, those *cough* legal *cough* videos that you download using BitTorrent are usually encoded in XviD or DivX. Sure, you can use VLC to watch these types of videos, but if you want to view them in Front Row, or import it into iMovie for editing, you need the proper codecs.

Traditionally you had to scour for these codecs all over the Internet; and when worst came to worst, you’d have to resort to manually compiling them from the source code. Thankfully, Perian comes to the rescue by bringing all these codecs in an easy to use installer packaged into a single download.

MacTracker: Specifications at Your Fingertips

MacTrackerEver been in a situation where you needed to know the specs of an old Apple machine? Or even your current machine? MacTracker is a slick database of Apple equipment dating back to the very first Mac.

The amount of detail in the specification of each machine is amazing. Details like dimensions, internal product code-names, release dates, the OS it shipped with, expansion ports, RAM capacity and even a blurb on it's original price plus images of the machine are included.

Fission: Lossless Audio Editing

Fission LogoRogue Amoeba has been a favorite developer of mine for quite a while. Apps like Audio Hijack and Airfoil have proved immensely useful for me over the years. Their latest release is Fission, another slick app that joins their stable of audio related tools.

Fission makes it brain-dead easy to chop and slice audio for whatever purpose. The commands are straightforward and the beauty of Fission is that it can edit MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless and AIFF with no loss of quality. In some programs, you need to convert an MP3 to a WAV or AIFF file, then edit and re-compress. Not so in Fission, which translates into excellent quality audio.

The YouTube Widget – Never Miss Another Viral Video Again

YouTubeYouTube is the latest craze and is revolutionizing the way we watch videos online. It moves so fast it’s often hard to keep track of what’s going on with this glorious site. The aptly named YouTube Widget grabs the latest and most popular videos (there’s over 12 viewing options, including the most watched videos of the day/week/month, featured video) and presents them for your viewing within a web browser. It also offers the ability to keep tabs a certain users videos, so you can keep an eye on all the videos a friend may upload.

High Priority: Get Things Done With Your Menu Bar

High Priority LogoTo-do lists are the center-point of any productive person, and iCal makes this pretty easy. However, if you want an even easier way to add to-dos, High Priority brings that to your menu bar. With a simple click, or keyboard shortcut, you can easily view your to-dos and have real-time feedback on their status.

High Priority 1.11 is also thankfully now compiled as a universal binary.

Flickrator: AJAX Flickr Browser in Your Dashboard

Flickr is a goldmine of awesome photos from amateur photographers. Flickrator, from Davide Zanotti, gives the user quick and easy access to images hosted on Flickr.

FlickratorType in “quack” and you’ll see all the images tagged with quack. Type in “Mac Pro” and you’ll see all the lucky sods with Mac Pros. Once you click on a thumbnail, it displays the picture information, along with a larger thumbnail. The widget includes direct links to picture sizes, the author’s Flickr page, and more, giving tons of information quickly and easily. It’s actually quite fun to pop in tags and browse through images for inspiration.