Keynote Bingo Macworld 2008 Version

Keynote BingoWhat’s better than watching the Steve Jobs keynote tomorrow and seeing all the Macworld 2008 rumors get shot down one by one? Doing it with a keynote bingo card of course. Keynote Bingo is a freeware app developed by a group of Swedes that generates a bingo card containing some likely (and some not) keynote expectations. If you get 5 squares in a row you win…well nothing really.

The software is pretty straight forward but here is a blurb from their site explaining a bit.

Rogue Amoeba Releases Airfoil 3

Airfoil 3One device that nearly every Mac audiophile has (or should have) is Apple’s elegant Airport Express. Using AirTunes over your Airport Express streaming audio to a stereo is a piece of cake. The problem is that streaming audio can only be done from iTunes and video is a no-go.

The solution? Airfoil from Rogue Amoeba.

Measuring Cup: A Free OS X Recipe Manager

Measuring CupRecently my wife (the proud owner of a new MacBook she procured over Christmas) tasked me with the job of finding her a recipe manager for OS X. Her only pre-requisites were that it had to be cheap, easy to use, and not something that would slow her down. After a couple cups of coffee, and some plowing around on Google I managed to find something that fits right in with her ‘give it to me free’ ethos – Measuring Cup by Shallot Patch.

Quick Tip: Use Automator/iCal to Open Web Sites at a Predetermined Time

Tips and TricksI have a certain group of websites that I like to have automatically opened each morning when I get up for coffee. Yeah I know it’s not the type of thing that everyone will want to do, but I found a pretty neat way to do it, and thought I should pass it along to you guys. If you are new to Automator this may also serve as a really basic ‘getting started’ guide as well.

Open up Automator and choose a Custom project. Drag the following over to the right window:

ies4osx: Run Internet Explorer 5/6/7 Natively in OS X

ies4osxWithout using Parallels, Crossover or Bootcamp, or even having a Windows Partition! Today we’ll be using Wine to emulate Windows and run all version of Internet Exlorer, which will make for a much lighter overall system footprint. It will also integrate perfectly into OS X.

I get asked this one a lot by web developers so I thought I would throw this up here for posterity. Not everyone wants to taint their Mac by running full blown Windows on it (am I right?), but if you’re a web developer it’s pretty critical that you build pages that render properly in Internet Explorer. If you have done this type of work on *nix you might remember using a great tool named ies4linux. Well you guessed it, ies4osx was recently ported to the Mac by Mike Kronenberg.

Tangle: Addictively Tanglesome

TangleTangle is a puzzle based game of intersecting lines. The premise is dead simple, untangle all of the lines by moving the colored vertices around and you win. Depending on how fast you can perform this feat determines your score. Tangle is one of those surprisingly addictive games that make you wonder why your girlfriend is not speaking with you anymore.

Overflow 2.5 Released with Several New Features

Overflow 2.5 ReleasedI noticed our friends from Stunt Software in Winnipeg have just put the finishing touches on Overflow 2.5 today. Overflow is the popular launcher application which we recently reviewed. According to the Dan Messing at Stunt this release is a major new version and heralds in several often asked for features, requested by users (both here and elsewhere).

Overflow really is an elegant, easy to use launcher for Mac OS X. It’s a great solution for those who want an uncluttered dock but still want easy access to must have apps. The major new features are – right after the jump.

Beginners Guide: Programming Cocoa for OS X

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