I Love Stars – iTunes Ratings Made Easy

I Love StarsI know distractions aren’t really en vogue these days, what with all the GTD nonsense that we’re subscribing to. However, some (or the majority of us) enjoy listening to music while we work, so iTunes controllers are somewhat essential.

I Love Stars is a free application from Potion Factory, and it’s designed to do one simple thing. It simply shows up inconspicuously in your menubar and provides you with a simple interface to rate the current track.

CyberDuck 3 Flaps Wings, But Does it Fly?

CyberDuck IconEarly last year, we compared several well-known Mac FTP clients. Though we established that Transmit was King, CyberDuck always stood out as a cheap, no-frills version.

However, that was version 2. With Leopard now well into it’s third iteration (10.5.2), CyberDuck has also been flapping it’s wings once again, but does it fly? Let’s take a look.

MacHeist Retail Bundle Unboxed

MacHeist LogoIt’s here. Finally. You’ve heard the rumors, seen the video, now purchase the retail bundle. Available online for a limited period of time, the bundle contains 12 apps at a bargain price of just $49.

As usual, the MacHeist guys have done it again, with a bundle that consists of finance software, a word processor, an organizer as well as a handful of games for your Mac. Yea, lovely games.

Google Notifier: GMail and Calendar Notifications on Your Desktop

Google Notifier IconDebates and arguments have always been brewing with regards to desktop versus web apps. While one camp will argue about convenience and having your data available everywhere, the other will side with speed, privacy and reliability that desktop apps can provide.

While I seriously doubt the holy war will end anytime soon, here’s an app that will provide some middleground. It’s called Google Notifier for OS X.

Cocoa Packet Analyzer: Network Analysis in Style

Cocoa Packet Analyzer IconToday it’s time to dive into something that the geekier crowd will appreciate. We all know that maintaining a secure and efficient network is the pride of every geek, me included.

With that said, I want to introduce a useful utility that accomplishes just that. It’s called Cocoa Packet Analyzer, from TastyCocoaBytes.com. This app mixes form with functionality.

To start off, create a new capture file (using the default, temporary one will do) and select which networking interface to use (Ethernet, Airport, Firewire, etc.). Let it run for however long you wish and you’ll get your results after that. Yup, it’s as simple as pushing a few buttons and getting your bacon. If you have existing PCAP files (raw packet data captured by software written using libpcap), you may use Cocoa Packet Analyzer to view them too.

ForkLift 1.5 Beta: Refreshed for Leopard

ForkLift IconIf you aren’t satisfied with the Finder, you have other choices. While some choose Adobe Bridge as their default file manager, others swear by ForkLift and even Pathfinder.

The ForkLift 1.5 Beta was just released, and boy are we in for a ton of treats. The biggest feature is of course, compatibility with Leopard.

After opening up the .dmg (disk image), you’ll notice one big difference. ForkLift has now been endowed with a brand new icon. In my opinion, the icon gives the appearance of a more mature app, which it really is, considering how far it has come since its beginning. Note that the icon is available with 512 pixels of goodness, so it really shines in Coverflow mode.

Wait… $20 for 5 Apps!?

iPod Touch IconHmm, that sounds like a good deal, if we’re talking about Mac apps designed to run on your Mac desktop/laptop. With most Mac shareware priced at (much) more than $10 a pop, it certainly sounds like a good deal.

But what about the iPod touch? iPod touch apps aren’t as fully-fledged as their desktop/laptop counterparts, so is the $20 that Apple is charging for an additional 5 apps still reasonable? Let’s take a look.

MacHeist Bundle Announced!

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