Tabulate: Keeping Tabs on Stuff

Tabulate IconBecause of the relatively small display on the iPhone, browsing the web can present some unique annoyances; annoyances that you’ve never experienced on a desktop computer.

One feature that I frequently use, is to open multiple links in different tabs. Fortunately, I’ve found a great iPhone application that does just that. May I introduce: Tabulate.

Tabulate is a Safari bookmarklet; you simply drag the link into your Safari bookmarks for it to work. This means no need for any hacks, which can potentially turn your iPhone into an iBrick. Once you’re on a site with multiple links that you want to view, go to your bookmarks and tap on Tabulate.

Prepare for Mac Office 2008

Mac Office LogoThere’s some good news for Mac users who depend on Microsoft Office. Currently, the two ways of running Office on a Mac are using the Power PC binary or virtualizing the Windows version.

I’m sure a lot of Intel Mac users are unsatisfied with the performance of the Power PC version; Mac Office 2004 currently has to be translated (through Rosetta) on both Tiger and Leopard.

However, if you purchase ANY version of Office 2004 (this includes the Student and Teacher, Standard, or Professional Edition), you’ll get a free upgrade to the top of the line Mac Office 2008 Special Media Edition (excludes shipping and handling). Sounds like a really good deal to me. This means you can save up to $500 on a new copy of Office 2008.

TaskPaper 1.0 Giveaway Winners

TaskPaper LogoLast week, we ran a giveaway where readers could submit a “killer feature” they’d like to see in a future version of TaskPaper.

If you haven’t tried TaskPaper, you can check out our full review as well as an interview with Jesse Grosjean, the developer behind the great app.

With out further adieu, the winners are…

Jim and Cat. Cat suggested that TaskPaper should support the uploading of completed tasks to Twitter (and possibly Jaiku). Jim suggested the parsing of dates using a standardized format.

Leopard Coverage: Adium to Support AV Chat Soon

Adium IconEveryone’s favorite duck is receiving a Leopard upgrade. That’s right, you will soon be able to hear the Adium duck ‘quack’, with the new AV Chat feature.

Adium is a widely used instant messaging program on the Mac, but one of its weak points when compared to iChat, is the lack of video/audio chat capabilities.

Of course, it’s taken quite some time for this feature to appear. This is partly because Adium is built on the Pidgin project. The underlying functionality like connecting and working with networks like MSN Messenger and AIM depend on Libpurple, one of the libraries from Pidgin.

Leopard Coverage: More on Time Machine

Time Machine IconWe recently received several user questions regarding Time Machine, so we’re going to be replying to a lot of them. I’m sure a lot of you will be keen to know the answers too.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and a half, you’ll have heard of Time Machine. It’s Apple’s interesting solution to the problem of backup. So, let’s head on to our first question.

Leopard Coverage: Leopard Launch on Flickr

Apple store images from FlickrBrowsing through Flickr earlier today, I discovered a lot of photos of the Leopard launch from around the world. The images really made me wish I could have been in line myself today, but then again from the look of the size of some of the queues, maybe it’s more fun just gandering at them from my desk.

Without further ado, here is the Leopard launch, from six different locations. Special thanks to the Flickr users for providing these great images.

Leopard Coverage: Adobe’s Plans for Leopard

Adobe LogoAdobe is one of the most important third-party software developers that Apple has. Building software that caters to the Pro market, they represent an essential piece of the pie.

The software company has outlined its plan for Leopard compatibility, and I must say it’s looking good because they’re “proud to support this impressive new operating system”.

First of all, if you’re using one or some combination of the following products:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Adobe Flash CS3 Professional and Flash Player 9
  • Adobe Contribute CS3
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
  • Adobe Fireworks CS3
  • Adobe GoLive 9

Leopard Coverage: Pitfalls to Consider

LeopardFinally, after two years of waiting, Apple’s next cat is loose amongst us eager fanboys. While the upgrade path has been smooth-sailing for most, it hasn’t been all sweet for others.

Instead of just writing yet another review, which every single Apple blog out there seems to be doing, MacApper has decided to compile a list of potential pitfalls and problems echoing around the blogosphere. Here we go.

1. Older Computers

How old a computer can you use with Leopard? Turns out, you can even use an 8-year-old machine, at least according to Engadget. There were a lot of graphics issues, which led them to recommend a G4 running Leopard as a “kid’s computer”.

Interview & Giveaway with Jesse Grosjean of TaskPaper

LogoTwo days ago, we reviewed TaskPaper, a simple GTD app. Being one of the most innovative GTD apps out there, we simply had to have a talk with the developer. So we tracked Jesse Grosjean down to his home in Bangor, Maine, and had a little chat with him.

He talks about OS X development and how he started Hog Bay Software. Jesse also shares his thoughts on the iPhone SDK. Plus, if you stick around, you’ll also find out about the two copies of TaskPaper we have to give away.

TaskPaper 1.0: Simplify Your GTD Setup

TaskPaper IconTaskPaper is a GTD app that we’ve been keeping tabs on. It’s not just another GTD app; it’s getting things done at its simplest level.

What makes this app so unique is that your entire to-do list is stored as a plain text file. Think about the possibilities this gives! In August, we brought you a preview of TaskPaper, but boy has it evolved.

If you’re not familiar about GTD, may I suggest reading this little book called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen? Right, I’m assuming the rest of you are GTD-experts, so let’s dive in.

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