Ramp Champ Review: Go to the Carnival on your iPhone

Ramp Champ (iPhone)_128x128If you are a listener of our podcast, you’ve probably heard us (mainly me) getting all excited about the latest iPhone game , Ramp Champ, from the design geniuses at the Iconfactory and the code gurus at DS Media Labs. Well, today is the day we have been waiting for, the app finally released into the app store late last night and I have been playing it pretty much ever since.

SweetFM Review: A Not so Sweet iTunes Helper

sweetfmThe iTunes helper application has become a very popular class of application to develop for. Most developers, like the people behind CoverSutra and Bowtie, have been very successful in their attempts. But unfortunately it was only inevitable that a not so well designed one came along. I’m talking about SweetFM from choco moko.

News: Apple is Prepared for the iPhone 3.0 Release Tomorrow

UPDATE: OS 3.0 is now available for download through iTunes.

The long awaited update to the iPhone OS is coming tomorrow, June 17th, and it looks as though Apple is very much prepared.

Find My iPhone, a feature allowing you to find your iPhone via MobileMe if you were to lose it, has been available online for developers who are already running OS 3.0 since the announcement, last week.

Hulu Desktop In Depth Look: TV on your Desktop

huludesktop_iconWith the launch of Hulu.com, a little over a year ago, tv was brought to the internet and now Hulu is available right on your desktop with the launch of Hulu Desktop, a part of Hulu.com Labs. Hulu features thousands of your favorite tv shows as well as a few movies, all of which are available for free with a handful of commercials interspersed throughout.

News: Beats, the Essential DJ Utility, is Now Available

icon-256Earlier this week, Bjango added a new application to their arsenal of iPhone applications, it goes by the name Beats and it caters exclusively towards DJs and producers. But unlike your typical “DJ application”, this one acts strictly as a utility. It brings the sleek and sexy UI Bjango has become known for, but it also has some really¬†innovative¬†features.

Darkness Review: A Tool Stuck in the Dark

darkness_iconEver wonder what time the sun will rise? Or what time the moon will set? How about the total amount of sunlight you will have in a total day? Well, if your a photographer or just like to know the answers to the above questions, you should definitely check out Darkness by Bjango.

Safari 4 Beta Preview: A New Compass

safari_compassOn Tuesday, Apple released a public beta of its web browser, Safari’s, latest revision. The new version encompasses over 150 new and innovative features, with things such as CSS effects, Top Sites, and the new Nitro javascript engine toping the list.

The install process of Safari 4 was smooth with the only hiccups being the requirement of the latest security update and the Windows-esque reboot at finish. Upon first opening the app you are greeted with a very Apple looking ‘video’, which according to the Twitterverse, was done almost entirely using CSS and images. Once completed, you are dumped onto the new ‘Top Sites’ feature, it is a very Matrix looking method of looking at the sites you visit most, with screenshots of each individual site. This page is also very configurable, allowing you to remove certain sites, pin others, and change the size of the screenshots.

uSirius Starplayr Preview: From Satellites to your iPhone

usirius-starplayr-logoIf you’re an XM or Sirius satellite radio subscriber, you have probably been looking high and low for an app that would allow you to listen to your favorite stations on your iPhone. The app is uSirius Starplayr and it comes from the guys at NiceMac.

At the first launch of Starplayr, you are prompted to fill in your XM or Sirius login information and asked whether or not you would like to use a higher quality bitrate (64kbps) when using wifi, the default bitrate is 32kbps.

The Hit List Preview: Get Your Tasks Done

thehitlist_iconToday in the Mac applications world their are dozens of applications to help you keep track of your to-dos and get things done. I have tried several of these apps, but I don’t believe any of them work as well or feel as good as Potion Factory’s The Hit List Beta.

Preview: iWork ’09, A Quick Look

iWork 09 logoAs nearly every reader of this site probably knows, Apple has released the next iteration of it’s productivity suite, iWork. With this iteration, Apple has added some polish as well as some brand new features. If you are unfamiliar with iWork, it is made up of 3 applications: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Pages, the word processor of the bunch, gained features such as full screen, outline view, as well as more templates. Apple has also made it easier for it’s scientific crowd to add in equations from MathType and bibliographies from Endnote. The developers also noticed that many users were taking graphs and tables from Numbers and placing them into documents, so they streamlined the process and now the entire iWork suite of apps work very well together.

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