Delivery Status Touch Updates to 4.4

Continuing the long line of overhauled apps being updated, Delivery Status touch has updated to 4.4.  Here’s what the update text states:

New Features:

  • Added support for DHL UK (Domestic Express) and (Austria).
  • Added support for more barcodes from DHL Germany, FedEx, and USPS.
  • The iPad version has been reworked to make it easier and more enjoyable to use.
  • There’s a new Juncloud sync site at
  • If you don’t have any deliveries, you can add a delivery by tapping the package icon or “no deliveries” text.

No iSync in Lion?

Take a long last look at that icon because TUAW Reports that those who have been using the latest version of Apple’s pre-released operating system have noted that there is no iSync to be found.  Maybe a better solution will take it’s place?  iSync was an app that allowed you to sync your phones, palm pilots (whaaa?) and even old iPods with all of your contacts and calendar events.

It’s also important to note that FrontRow, Java runtime, and Rosetta have also disappeared.

IntoNow Updates to 1.2

IntoNow the amazing “identify what you’re watching on TV and share it to the world” app has recently updated to version 1.2.  Here is what they did:

  • Rate episodes, shows and movies!  Simple thumbs up and thumbs down will help us create recommendations for you, and ratings for the show!
  • Share with a single tap: easier and faster to share.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements!

[TIME] XFINITY TV Pushes Out a Quick Fix Update 1.5.2

Recently we posted an article talking about Comcast’s XFINITY TV app updating to 1.5.1.  Don’t panic! Comcast has shortly after released version 1.5.2 to fix an important issue.  This fixes the reliability of the Favorite channels setup and a fix for a potential loss of listing data.  There are also fixes for several crashes.  Be sure to update quickly for a much improved experience.

Color Splash Updates to 1.6

Color Splash – the ever-popular color-accent app for the iPhone has now updated to 1.6.  Here’s what the official update text says:

  • Images are displayed in better quality and higher resolution during editing
  • Added AirPrint support for wireless printing (requires iOS 4.2)
  • Photo metadata is preserved in saved images (requires iOS 4.2)
  • Improved handling of high resolution images
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Image quality has been updated when editing images.  You can now print from Color Splash using AirPrint.  All of the metadata taken with your pictures is now preserved when editing and exporting through Color Splash.  Bugs have been squashed and performance has been improved.

WHERE for the iPhone Goes 4.1.5

WHERE, Inc. has released an update to their location-based app – WHERE to version 4.1.5.  Here’s what the official text says:

  • Morris Visitor Publications editorial content integration, providing the best visitor content for travelers.
  • Smart type ahead on the home page: suggests previous search terms, names of places near you and the best part: direct links to places that you’ve saved to your WHERE Lists.
  • Faster log in experience.
  • Fixed several crashes & bugs.

WordPress for iOS Updates to 2.8

WordPress for the iPhone and iPad has updated to version 2.8.  Here’s what the update text states:

Besides crash and bug fixes, the higlights for 2.8 are:

  • Quick Photo button: only available on iPhone for now.
  • Stats
  • Added translations to Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Bosnian, Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and Croatian.

The Quick Photo button allows you to quickly take a picture and attach it to a new post on any of your blogs with one tap.  Also added is a Stats tab that works in tandem with the official WordPress stats plugin.  Be sure to add that plugin to your blog before using this feature.  If you haven’t, the app will walk you through the process.

Tweetbot Updates to 1.1

Tweetbot, the new bird on the block when it comes to Twitter clients for the iPhone and iPod touch, has recently updated to version 1.1.  This much anticipated update comes packaged with the following:

  • Landscape support for media, compose and web views
  • Added User/Hashtag buttons to compose toolbar
  • Improved accuracy of displayed locations
  • Tweet gaps now load above instead of below
  • Lists now sorted alphabetically
  • Login now handles email address or username
  • CloudApp image/video support
  • Improved hashtag picker
  • Fixed translation issue with British English
  • Improved saving behavior for older devices

Google Search Updates to Version

That’s a long version number!  Google has updated its iOS search app yet again!  Here’s what the update description says:

Speed Improvements

  • App is more responsive and launches faster.

Look & Feel

  • Bigger fonts.
  • Tappable search results!

Other changes:

  • Voice search via gesture optional.  Can be turned on via settings

Minor bug fixes.

This update makes the app snappier and more quick to respond as well as improves the UI with bigger fonts and tappable search results.  If you want to quickly search for something with your voice, a gesture can be turned on in the app’s settings.  Minor bug fixes are also included.

Instagram Updates to 1.7

Instagram sure has been busy shipping out updates for their Photography/Social Networking app – Instagram.  1.7 brings the following to your iPhone and iPod touch:

  • Grid View for Profile Pages
  • Optional Bio Field in Profiles
  • Manage which push notifications you receive (on Edit Profile screen)
  • Choose Profile Picture from Facebook & Twitter
  • Stability Improvements for iOS 4.1
  • Bug Fixes & Speed Improvements for Older Phones

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