10 Most Common Uses for iPads in Reality

Before the launch of the first-generation iPad, Apple touted the new device’s ability to revolutionize workplace productivity as a forerunner in the much-hyped tablet platform. Since the first announcement from Apple to unveil the product, the device has been revamped into the iPad 2 with a third-gen offering in the works. Despite the high-minded intentions of many early adopters of the technology, here are ten of the things the iPad is most commonly used for.

Flow – the Capacitive Paint Brush

Joystickers has created a Capacitive paint brush for the capacitive tablet devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Andriod tablets.  For those of you who just don’t get the right feel using your finger or a stylus, how about an actual paint brush?

Flow is $29.95 USD. Check it out at http://www.joystickers.com/products/flow.

Mobee Magic Bar – Wireless Charging for Apple Keyboard

Just like the Palm Pre there is an inductive charging solution for your Apple wireless keyboard and magic trackpad.  Just replace the batteries in your keyboard with a special power cylinder.  The Magic Bar is powered by USB and is $59.99 USD and will be available in June.  There are some drawbacks to this product however:  It takes up another USB port on your computer and costs twice the amount of a $29 Apple battery charger.  Though still, instead of waiting for your batteries to charge you can now just slide it into the charging wand.  Check it out here!

Apple Adding High Resolution Wallpapers To Lion Indicates Retina Display Macs Coming?

A very interesting discovery made on the Mac OS X Lion have led some to believe that Cupertino is planning to release Retina Display Macs. The new installment of the Mac OS X Lion beta program included very high resolution wallpapers that equal to a resolution measurement of 3200 x 3200. This has been concluded as the highest resolution images that Apple has bundled in their software. This, in turn, has indicated to some that Retina Display Mac are on the horizon.

iPad 2 Media Event Set for March 2nd?

All Things Digital and MacRumors.com says that there’s an Apple Media event scheduled for March 2nd that is said to unveil the second rendition of Apple’s tablet the iPad.

To those who intensely care about this kind of stuff – which would be pretty much everyone in the tech ecosystem – Apple will hold its much-anticipated event on March 2, where the tech giant seems poised to unveil a new version of its hugely successful iPad.

The event is supposed to take place in San Francisco and events like these are usually held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

MacBook Pro Update Next Week?

Many rumors recently have speculated that Apple will be updating their MacBook Pro laptops within the next month.  AppleInsider says that the update might occur within the next week!

People familiar with the matter say the Cupertino-based company late this week began briefing several of its operating segments to be on stand-by for a significant product launch that could come as early as next week. Those same people were not yet made privy to the specifics of the launch, however, which had earlier been anticipated for the following week.

Back to the Mac Event October 20

Everyone from Engadget to some devs messaging me personally are talking about Apples invitation that they sent out this week. The Back to the Mac event has been scheduled for October 20, 2010 and what could Apple have on the agenda to talk about? MacBook Air is due for a refresh, maybe the mention of this Verizon iPhone, of course stats of how Apple is doing (apparently great based on the opening start on the market this week breaking the $300 barrier), the new iLife and iWork software suite, the debuting of this mystery application we have been hearing about since August and based on the lion behind the Apple in the image, a look at Mac OS 10.7. Lion is one of the highly speculated names that has been spoken about among techies and…non-techies alike that Apple will use to codename their new operating system.

First AirPlay Supported AV Reciever

The Denon AVR-4311CI has been reportedly flagged to gain AirPlay support in the near future.  This can be done by a company released firmware update allowing users to stream your favorite music from any iOS device to the receiver.

Apple Introduces a New Kind of Nano

Yesterday during Apple’s media event, the leader of the portable music player released an update to its hot-selling mid range iPod – the iPod nano.  This update includes a huge physical appearance change by removing the click wheel and adding a 1.54-inch multi-touch display instead.  The device itself is 1.48 inches tall and 1.61 inches wide and includes a clip on the back making it wearable.  One neat feature demonstrated at the event is the ability to literally twist the interface to orient it the way you want no matter where it’s clipped.  The new nano also includes a built in FM radio that includes the ability to pause and go back 15 minutes, and works with the Nike sports kit, though the sensor is not included so you’ll have to purchase the receiver as well as the transmitter in the shoe.  The new nano also includes accessibility features as well such as VoiceOver for the interface which tells you what your finger is touching, White on Black which reverses the colors on the screen, and Mono Audio to remove the stereo aspect of your music.

Large Amount Of Verizon User Report Poor Service

Well isn’t this something! While we don’t pay attention to this stuff at MacApper, this report definitely caught our attention. TechCrunch chimes in that they have been hearing buzz that an alarming amount of Verizon users are complaining about reception issues on the network (Wow!). Apparently, Motorola’s new addition, the Droid 2, is having multiple issues with reception when held in the hand of users. Not only that, the report states that they have been informed from their sources that the device even loses reception when not in contact of a hand (i.e. a protective case).

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