Macintosh GUI: A Customization Goodie of the Day

MacintoshGUIAs much as we all enjoy the user interface of Mac OS X, sometimes we need a change. The Mac community has been responsive to this need of many people. As a result we’ve see many app like CandyBar and Shapeshifter. But where do we go to find these wonderful enhancements to our favorite Graphic User Interface?

MacintoshGUI is a site that showcases one Mac goodie everyday, either an icon, desktop, theme or any other GUI enhancers you would like to submit which you can use to customize your Mac. With ratings, user submissions, and a linear archive system, it’s really easy to share your favourite Mac-design related GUI goodies.

7 Must-Know Mac Software Download Sites

DownloadWe strive to review and preview the latest and greatest applications for OS X here at Macapper, but if there is one thing I have relied on over the years, it has been several Mac Software download sites. They have pointed me in the right direction when looking for even the most obscure application. And as this blog and others can attest to, there are so many obscure and cool apps floating out there.

This list is by no means definitive but here is a list of my 7 must-know software download repositories for the best in Mac software, and more. Let me know if I missed any!

Interview: Joshua Keay of Magnetism Studios

Magnetism StudiosYou probably read the title wondering, “What is Magnetism Studios?” It is more likely that you have heard of Monkey Business Labs or Insanely Great Tees. Well Magnetism Studios is a new parent company created to combine Monkey Business Labs and Insanely Great Tees along with some other cool new stuff under one roof. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Joshua Keay, one of the masterminds behind it all.

The State of Mac Apps / Bundles Galore!

Logo As the Christmas season approaches, I am starting to see a change in the Mac development community, and I have a sense that things are really changing for the better. When I used to use Windows, many of the programs I bought were in boxes from stores. But now that I use a Mac, things are quite different. The developers are different. The apps are different. And I think that the Mac development community is undergoing a monumental change this Christmas season.

MacUpdate Promo Bundle 2 Launches

MacUpdate PromoJoel over at MacUpdate has just sent word that the MacUpdate Promo team has now launched their 2nd bundle promo. The first MUPromo bundle about half a year ago was a huge success, and this time around there is some more really great software up for grabs. If you haven’t heard of the MacUpdate bundles they are quite a unique way to save a really significant amount of skrill on Mac software.

The deal works by buying the 7 program bundle at $49.99 within the 9 day cut-off point (started just now). So right off the bat you get $234 worth of software for $49. That’s quite a savings.

Is Your Mac Hungry? Feed It!

Mac Soup!Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Realmac Software that informed me of a promotion that goes by the name of “Give Good Food to Your Mac. At first I thought “Huh? Is this a software bundle dedicated to diet and recipe apps? That sort of sounds like an oxymoron bundle… After clicking through to the special “VIP preview page, I saw that it was actually something completely different.

Leopard Coverage: Leopard Launch on Flickr

Apple store images from FlickrBrowsing through Flickr earlier today, I discovered a lot of photos of the Leopard launch from around the world. The images really made me wish I could have been in line myself today, but then again from the look of the size of some of the queues, maybe it’s more fun just gandering at them from my desk.

Without further ado, here is the Leopard launch, from six different locations. Special thanks to the Flickr users for providing these great images.

New From Insanely Great Tees: iShirt

iShirt ImageOur good friends at Insanely Great Tees, the cool T-Shirt company that created the original “I’m a Mac” and “Steve Jobs For President” T-Shirts, have released a great new T-shirt design this week.

The new addition to the Insanely Great Tees line, aptly titled “iShirt” features a pixel art iPod that calls back to the good old days of 256-shade grayscale and the user interface of the original iPod. The new iShirt design is available for US$17 + Shipping and, as always, is printed on super high-quality American Apparel cotton.

Will It Blend? YES!

It was only a matter of time before BlendTec tested out their blender on an iPhone. Here’s the result:

I want to see them blend a blender in their blender.

(via Daring Fireball)

Forklift File Manager/FTP Super-App $10/off at macZOT!

Forklift is a favorite around these parts (see previous mentions here, here, here, here, and here).

Normally $29.95, macZOT! has it for a bargain price of $19.95!

If you do much FTPing or use the amazingly cheap and useful Amazon S3 (Forklift is BY FAR the best S3 browser I’ve found) , I cannot recommend Forklift more highly, plus the guys at BinaryNights are just great.

Go grab it now!

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