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OS X and iOS Developers…

Without you guys we wouldn’t have much to write about. We waste a lot of time trying to figure out your release schedule, messing around with SVN repositories, and generally begging you for licenses. Why not help us out by letting us know what you got cooking in the oven? You can almost guarantee we will write about it. Traverse to the form below and assume the usual position to get in touch with us.

OR, feel free to visit our developer’s article corner and write up your own application. We’d love to work with you to publish a unique piece that generates a ton of buzz for you.

Everyone else…

Thanks for your interest in our wee project. MacApper is a dedicated cross section of Apple minded writers and fans of the OS X platform. The editors co-manage our inbox so if you are wanting to speak to someone specific, mention that in your message.

All PR, media, other website admins, and fanboys can use the form below to get in touch with us.

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