Developer Article Corner

At MacApper we have a rich tradition of helping iOS and Mac software developers spread the word about their products. As you might imagine, this is actually a very difficult and time-consuming process. However, we think it is something our readers love. Accordingly, we want more and the best way we can think of to accomplish that is to allow developers to submit articles directly to us about their applications. We strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity rather than emailing us a form email which may or may not ever get answered.

For Application Developers Only

  • Please do NOT put your app store URL here, we want to know your site so we can add it to the post and help give our readers more information about you.
  • This needs to be active because we will send you an email and if we don't get a response back then we will not post the article. This needs to be an authorized contact.
  • In order for your post to be accepted you need to answer the following questions about your application:

    • 1. Tell us about you and/or your company and why you decided to become a developer.
    • 2. How long did it take you to write the application? Explain the process and any problems you encountered as well as how you overcame them.
    • What is the main purpose for the application (be descriptive please)?
    • 3. What inspired you to write the application?
    • 4. What applications do you consider it to be similar to (be honest)? Examples can really help readers relate to your application.
    • 5. Where do you see the application going? How often do you think you will updated it? What are some features that might be coming down the road?

    Don't put this together in haste as it is your chance to dig deeper and let us understand why you are passionate about your application. Most importantly, our readers don't just want to see the text that you send to 1,000 other people.

    Note: The article must be more than 500 words
    You must authorize us to publish this article and agree that we are allowed to edit the article as needed for grammar and other purposes. You are also authorizing us to review the application and add any additional comments we may have about the application to a separate section of this article. Finally, you are assigning all rights to this article over to MacApper and promise to not reuse or republish it anywhere or for any reason.
  • This is meant to be a service for actual developers, not spammers. If this gets abused MacApper will shutdown this page.