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Guest posting is a common way for sites to get fresh and unique content from aspiring writers. At we are always looking for people to join our staff and/or write for us. If you are interested, please fill out the application below:

Guest Post Application

We recognize that several of our readers are also excellent writers with a lot to offer the Apple fan community. Accordingly, we have decided to open our blog up to guest posts. If you have something to share about Mac, iOS, or Apple then please follow our other requirements by submitting a post below:
  • We must be able to contact you to verify that you are a legit writer and that you are indeed releasing the content for us to exclusively publish.
  • Please choose a title for your article, but don't be offended if our editor's make a change to it as they do that all the time to our staff writers.
  • Note the article must be greater than 500 words and must be truly unique (no spinners please). We often post reviews of applications, news and updates about Apple, or really anything related to iOS and MAC. Please do not post off-topic items because we just aren't interested nor are our readers. Please do NOT link to your sites in the body of the article if you can avoid it, we will do that in the by-line.
  • This is an opportunity for you to get a link back to your website if you want it. NOTE: this is not required.
  • You can request some link text if you want for your by-line.
    In order for us to publish an aritcle, our writers must assign all rights (copyrights, etc.) over to us. It's also very important to note that these articles MUST be unique and exclusively for
  • Please enter the words you see above and keep in mind that if we have too many problems with spam, we will just end our guest posting opportunity.