Co-Founder of Geek Squad Reports Gas Main Explosion with iPad

TUAW and have reported that the co-founder of Geek Squad (now currently owned by Best Buy) had reported a gas main explosion with his iPhone and iPad 2 using iMovie.

Once Stephens had captured the source of the explosion, he drove to a nearby parking lot, transferred the footage from his iPhone to his iPad 2 (we recently covered how to do this using Apple’s USB Camera Connection Kit), edited the footage, added a map, subtitle and voiceover describing the incident and finally uploaded the film to YouTube and iReport. Stephens then tweeted (with a few stills) permission for others (including the media) to use the footage and before long his breaking news was getting coverage on CNN and MSNBC.

iPad 2 Media Event Set for March 2nd?

All Things Digital and says that there’s an Apple Media event scheduled for March 2nd that is said to unveil the second rendition of Apple’s tablet the iPad.

To those who intensely care about this kind of stuff – which would be pretty much everyone in the tech ecosystem – Apple will hold its much-anticipated event on March 2, where the tech giant seems poised to unveil a new version of its hugely successful iPad.

The event is supposed to take place in San Francisco and events like these are usually held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Flash In the Mobile Space FAIL

Seems like Adobe still has some work to do, and the clock is ticking. According to the folks over at LAPTOP, Flash is shaky at best. With the HTML5 movement taking over both Vimeo and Yahoo! and all the “Flash in the mobile space” hubbub, the group decided to judge for themselves the performance of Flash on a mobile device. What better candidate to host this testing none other than the latest Android device Droid 2, at least, thats what we thought. After some thorough use of Flash on the device, the verdict from LAPTOP: Thumbs down. Way down.

iOS 4.1 Part 2

Cupertino has made available this week the second installment of the iOS 4.1 software to developers. This update in particular is expected to remedy a few kinks that have been documented by Apple from users of the iPhone.

One the fixes that is expected in this update is the intermitting issue of the proximity sensor activating and deactivating. A few users have reported this to Apple as they have been experiencing this issue more so in making and receiving phone calls. The proximity sensors primary purpose is to deactivate the Multi-Touch display of the iPhone when held close to the body to prevent inadvertent commands to the system.

Labyrinth 2 Review

Probably one of the most played and downloaded games on the App Store, which considering the vast amount of games in the Store, that’s a major accomplishment. Illusion Labs’ interpretation of Codify AB’s Labyrinth for the sequel to the game is as good as it is beautiful. This make is more than just a ball in a maze, this has to be the most dynamic game of labyrinth we have come across, virtual or physical.