FaceTime for Mac Released Out of Beta for $0.99

A couple days ago Apple released FaceTime for out of beta for $0.99 on the Mac App Store.  This occurred just in time for the release of the new MacBook Pro’s with HD FaceTime cameras.  FaceTime for Mac allows you to video conference with a bunch of Apple’s devices whether that is another Mac, an iPhone, or the latest iPod Touch.  To find out more about  FaceTime for Mac, check out our preview here.

FaceTime for Mac comes free on every new MacBook Pro and is available to earlier machines on the Mac App Store for $0.99.  Click here to check it out here.

FaceTime, Camera and Photo Booth Coming to the Next iPad

With the release of the iOS beta, developers are finding new things that are providing more confirmation on what Cupertino is planning to do with not only the final release of the “world’s most advance mobile OS”, but with future iDevices. Devs are now discovering the Camera icon from the iPhone as well as two new icons for FaceTime and an iOS version of Mac OS’s Photo Booth. Take a gander at this image recently posted to the Net showcasing the icons.

Camera+ Gets Kicked Out Of The App Store

Apple pulled the plug on a popular application in the App Store. Camera+ developed by tap tap tap, was given the boot because it violated developer license agreement with a new “Easter egg” feature. The company got caught red handed showing users how to activate the camera shutter using the volume button of the iPhone with a little workaround that could be activated through Safari on iOS. VolumeSnap, the company dubbed feature, was rejected by Cupertino because they said it created “user confusion.” Tap tap tap said they were a little blue about the rejection of their feature, but given the success they were having on the App Store, it didn’t really matter.

Facetime For iPad And iPod To Be Carried Out Through Email

It’s been stated that more Apple mobile devices will see FaceTime integrated with the addition of the new iOS software and Apple’s initiative to spread their standard to more people (that means that the iPod and iPad are going to have a front-facing camera soon). With that being brought to light, many people have asked how Apple plans to do that without phone numbers on the iPod and iPad. Well, the Boy Genius Report (BGR) has reported that they have received information from a “source” that states FaceTime for iPad and iPod will be carried out through email addresses. Apparently, through some investigation of the iOS 4.1 beta released Wednesday night, this “source” has discovered this email method that Apple might use.

More Information on the Next iPhone Found

Its not certain what Apple plans to do with the next rendition of the iPhone, thanks to the legendary secrecy of the company. However, developers all over have been at work developing application for the new iPhone OS 4 software, as well as they have been at work combing through it to hopefully find some clues in what Apple tends to incorporate into the iPhone, which most likely will be rolled out this summer given the companys product pipeline cycle. iPhone 3.2, which is currently ran on the iPad, had many secrets to show as it displayed evidence that Apple was in-fact working on implementing video conferencing on the device from the discovery of video conferencing UI and hardware mysteries giving the obvious conclusion that Apple was going to put a front facing camera on the iPad, but ultimately decided to scrap the idea until a later time for the device. Experts say that Apple didnt want the iPad to replace too many of the features that its MacBook and iPhone products present, preserving those products purposes and/or keeping price down on the iPad. Even though that these features didnt make the final cut on the iPad, it does lead into some tantalizing clues on what the next iPhone will come with.

iPhone’s Camera Could Be Doing More Than Just Capture Videos and Photos…

“What could Apple possibly do with the camera other than take photos and videos?” is the question your are probably asking right? Well get this, according to a patent found this week, Apple is investigating ways to provide gesture-invoked functions to the camera on the iPhone such as swiping your finger across the tech to fast-forward and rewind voice memos and messages (which would be pretty damn innovative). They are even figuring out ways for the accelerometer in the iPhone to be used without taking it away from your ear, such as allowing the accelerometer to detect certain distinctive taps so that the user could switch between call session or even merge two calls.