Posterous for iOS Updates to 2.1

Posterous, the online alternative blogging client that bases its input for post entry on email, has recently updated their iOS client to version 2.1.  The big feature with this update is the ability to post “Events”.  These are specific posts meant to be created for or at a particular gathering complete with a description and a picture.  This feature is very similar to FaceBook’s places feature and nabbing slightly towards Twitter.

Tagging posts has also been greatly improved.  To tag a post, tap the “tag” icon next to the title.

Overview of Updates:

iPad 2 Media Event Set for March 2nd?

All Things Digital and says that there’s an Apple Media event scheduled for March 2nd that is said to unveil the second rendition of Apple’s tablet the iPad.

To those who intensely care about this kind of stuff – which would be pretty much everyone in the tech ecosystem – Apple will hold its much-anticipated event on March 2, where the tech giant seems poised to unveil a new version of its hugely successful iPad.

The event is supposed to take place in San Francisco and events like these are usually held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Back to the Mac Event October 20

Everyone from Engadget to some devs messaging me personally are talking about Apples invitation that they sent out this week. The Back to the Mac event has been scheduled for October 20, 2010 and what could Apple have on the agenda to talk about? MacBook Air is due for a refresh, maybe the mention of this Verizon iPhone, of course stats of how Apple is doing (apparently great based on the opening start on the market this week breaking the $300 barrier), the new iLife and iWork software suite, the debuting of this mystery application we have been hearing about since August and based on the lion behind the Apple in the image, a look at Mac OS 10.7. Lion is one of the highly speculated names that has been spoken about among techies and…non-techies alike that Apple will use to codename their new operating system.

Apple Is Going LIVE On a Mac, iPhone, iPod or iPad Near You.

Well, Wednesday came here slowly, but surely. Im sure everyone is ready and waiting to see what will really be revealed at the keynote. As an extra bonus, Apple has made it known that they will be streaming the event live to people on Mac OS and iOS as soon as the event starts, which is at 10PM Pacific Coast time (thats 11PM for those of you in the mountains, noon for the folks of the midwest and 1PM for those in the east coast). We dont what to say about you folks on a Windows machine as you are not mentioned in the bulletin…so…yeah, thats where it ends for you. Hopefully, thought, you have an iDevice and you can watch it by those means. Check out the shot of the posting that we got from Apple. Or, you can check out the bulletin for yourself at the press page.

Apple Is Prepping Up/Apple Update iWork To Version 9.0.4

Apple is hardly ever behind are they? The company is getting everything set for the September 1 Media Event kicking off at 10AM Pacific time (thats 11 oclock for you folks in the mountains, Noon for the midwest, and 1PM for the people on the east coast), which is the usual time they have been throwing these things. People are expecting a wide array of developments to show their face next week, including the new iPod touch, iTV and a social web-based iTunes. The iPod as been the subject of the week recently with some new cases for the iPod touch being pitted into the while giving the impression that the hardware will be receiving the same squared off goodness of the iPhone 4. Not only that, the iPod nano looks like it might taking off the world famous Click Wheel (yeah, you heard right. Thats what the buzz is on the Net.) Well, like we said, we have the day circled in red on our calendar.

Apple Media Event Set For September 1

Just a quick update to keep you guys informed. Engadget just gave word (some thirty minutes ago) that they have received invites for a media event Apple is going to be holding on September 1. They even gave the image they got with the invitation, which you probably noticed. Pretty much sums it up. The boys in Cupetown are expected to unveil a number of developments, including the new iPod touch, iTV and 99 cent TV show rentals. We have our calendars marked…