BBM for iPhone?

TUAW and BGR have reported rumors saying that the popular messaging system known as Blackberry Messenger is coming to iOS.

Details are sparse but the Canadian handset manufacturer reportedly wants to own the messaging space and can propel itself forward by opening its popular Messenger service to other platforms.

TUAW also states that RIM is also working on an Android version and that there might be problems getting the iOS version past Apple’s App Store guidelines.

Stay tuned for information soon!

Picture from TUAW.

Apple Awarded Filtered Messaging Patent

Apple got the patent rights to an idea that has received a whole lot of attention from the media this week. The idea, originally submitted in 2007 and made public for viewing in 2008, makes it possible for supervisors of a device to filter or block out certain email and SMS content. The idea has received consideration from the media being that it can be used to prevent parent’s children from participating in to what has become a hot topic in recent time: “sexting”. Sexting (for those of you who don’t watch daytime television) is the action of sending sexually explicit content by SMS/MMS or email means.

Meebo Review

There are many IM (Instant Messaging) applications on the App Store metropolis. AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, the upcoming MSN Messenger, eBuddy, Palringo are just to tap a few of the many messaging clients that are available on the App Store. However, one that I have grown particularly fond of (until I scope out the others) is Meebo. Meebo is an instant messaging application that enables you to sync it with many of the chat software that social networking sites use. Whether you use AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, MySpace, Facebook, or Jabber clients that are used for enterprises and other public and private networks, Meebo will keep you up-to-date with the conversation that you are having with another individual.