Apple Pulls iAds from Kid Oriented Apps

The good people over at MacStories have chimed in stating that Apple has removed all iAds from children influenced games. A user of the iOS application “Dex,” a Pokémon associated application, documented the iAds activity on the application dropping to zero.

“Last Thursday I had a particularly awful iAd fill rate of 5%. This isn’t new, I’ve had problems before. Then on Friday a 0% fill rate, then on Saturday another 0% fill rate. I emailed Apple and posted a question to the company’s developer forums. Today I finally got a reply:


Apple Removes Unofficial WikiLeaks Application from App Store

In the tech world, one particular group has been under fire from everyone from the military to McDonalds. That particular group would be none other than WikiLeaks. Since then, an unofficial application has emerged on the App Store that allows users to retrieve information from the site right on their iOS device. WikiLeaks App, as developer Igor Barinov dubbed it, lasted on the App Store metropolis for about three days before it was ultimately pulled by Apple. Igor shot off a tweet responding to Apple’s decision to take the controversial application off the store front.

VLC Getting the Boot?

First LimeWire, now this. If you haven’t yet gotten the word, it seems as VLC has gotten into some legal sludge. One of the supporting entities behind the software has issued a formal copyright complaint against the software. In light of this, Apple may be pressed to pull the application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod out of the App Store. The source of the problem seem to be a conflict with the new App Store policy and GPL license agreement, that is, according to the Free Software Foundation.

iDOS Emulator Supports DOS and Windows 3.0 on iOS Devices Now Pulled

A new application has presented its self on the App Store this week that has been getting the attention from both public and Apple (bad attention from Apple that is). iDOS is a new emulator presented on the App Store that allows users to run Dos and even Windows 3.0 on their iOS devices, (and yes, this is was in the App Store). Are friends over at TouchArcade did some gazing into the application.

Camera+ Gets Kicked Out Of The App Store

Apple pulled the plug on a popular application in the App Store. Camera+ developed by tap tap tap, was given the boot because it violated developer license agreement with a new “Easter egg” feature. The company got caught red handed showing users how to activate the camera shutter using the volume button of the iPhone with a little workaround that could be activated through Safari on iOS. VolumeSnap, the company dubbed feature, was rejected by Cupertino because they said it created “user confusion.” Tap tap tap said they were a little blue about the rejection of their feature, but given the success they were having on the App Store, it didn’t really matter.