BBM for iPhone?

TUAW and BGR have reported rumors saying that the popular messaging system known as Blackberry Messenger is coming to iOS.

Details are sparse but the Canadian handset manufacturer reportedly wants to own the messaging space and can propel itself forward by opening its popular Messenger service to other platforms.

TUAW also states that RIM is also working on an Android version and that there might be problems getting the iOS version past Apple’s App Store guidelines.

Stay tuned for information soon!

Picture from TUAW.

Handheld Game Developers Switching to Smartphones

We don’t even think it is arguable anymore, RIM’s and Google’s Android and Blackberry dedicated users defend their OS’s ground, but when it comes to the facts, Apple really made the smartphone arena of the tech world what it is today, seriously. There are games on the iOS front that is even approaching console gaming! Funny thing is, Apple didn’t really set out to cause a ruckus in the gaming industry, having both Sony and Nintendo saying “You gotta be kidding me” after looking at the numbers. Seems like those two are going to be shaking their heads in amazement more often as a number of dedicated handheld developers are witnessing the life that competitors are making on the smartphone and the want a piece of the cake.

European Commission Move to the iPhone

Seems like Europeans like what the iPhone have to offer. The European Commission is putting the iPhone in their pockets and taking the Blackberry out. The EC has added support for the iPhone and is declining use of the Blackberry. The move is said to affect more than 2,000 people.

CNET states that the European Union’s executive branch has been in search of a smartphone that can handle the new deployment of a synchronization tool the organization will be using. They tested a variety of mobile OSes, including Blackberry OS, iOS and Android and they’ve found that the iPhone and select devices running Google’s Android operating system are more than capable of completing the task.

Why The iPhone Has The Best Experience

MOTO Labs (no relation to Motorola) conducted a test to figure out which one of the top handset devices on the market have the best touch-based experience for the consumer and applications. Utilizing the accurateness of a robot, the test concluded the same results that a human test conducted before for the purposes aforementioned received: Apple’s iPhone present the far most advance technology on the market today. The group conducted the study with the Apple iPhone, Palm Pr?, Motorola Droid, HTC Droid ERIS, HTC/Google Nexus One and the Blackberry Storm 2. Performing a series of touch test, a robot utilized by the group to give far more precise interaction with the devices was programed to perform a collection of medium and very light touches on the devices screens.